3 Ways Sous Vide Automation Can Benefit Your Kitchen Operations

  • August 30, 2022
Automating Sous Vide processes helps reduce mistakes
Automating Sous Vide processes can reduce mistakes.

Sous Vide is an innovative cooking technique that has made many kitchen operations easier. However, Sous Vide’s benefits can be further enhanced with the use of automation.

Let’s examine some key ways Sous Vide automation can benefit your kitchen operations.

1.      Reducing Preparation Mistakes

A Sous Vide automation system such as Janby Track standardizes the cooking process by providing food preparation information on scannable QR cards. Kitchen staff simply need to scan these cards to learn the recommended cooking temperature and cooking time for different items.

This helps ensure consistent results by minimizing mistakes that would impact the finished dish.

2.      Maintaining Food Safety

Automated Sous Vide systems such as Janby Track also monitor the cooking process remotely. A kitchen manager can see the cooking status for multiple Sous Vide setups at once and can take action if they spot any issues.

For example, an automated Sous Vide system would help you spot if an immersion circulator is malfunctioning and has left the food items at a temperature that would promote rapid bacterial growth. Therefore, this system is invaluable for maintaining food safety in kitchens.

3.      Implementing HAACP

Automated Sous Vide systems are also useful for implementing Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HAACP). Janby Track keeps records of different Sous Vide cooking activities and can help you monitor and set up action plans for critical points that pose a food hazard.

The system can then generate detailed reports about activities for future HAACP planning.

Making Your Kitchen Operations Better With Sous Vide Automation

As you can see, Sous Vide automation can benefit your kitchen operations in many ways. You can learn more about Janby Track and its various functions at our website.

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