JANBY Track MINI license

Expand the capabilities of your SmartVide XL by activating the MINI license.

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MINI license, without tablet. 

With the MINI license you will activate the use of the JANBY Tags directly on the SmartVide XL for controlled regeneration without the need for an additional tablet.

✅ Save up to 8 regeneration programs.

✅ Scan the JANBY Tags directly into the SmartVide.


licencia MINI paso 1 blanco

Step 1

Save up to 8 programs.

Create a program for each color. 

When scanning the Tag of a color, the program that you have created will be activated.

Step 2

Scan a JABY Tag.

Scan the Tag on the reader on the side and the program you have created for that color will be activated.

licencia MINI paso 3 blanco

Step 3

Get an alarm when the process is done.

  • Left column shows the programs that are being cooked and the time they have left to finish.
  • Right column shows the programs that have finished and the extra time they have been in the water.

How does controlled regeneration work?

Take a look at this video, where all the steps to carry out the controlled regeneration are shown.

How to activate the controlled regeneration?

Take a look at this video, where all the steps to activate the controlled regeneration feature inside the SmartVide XL are shown.

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