JANBY awarded as the most innovative startup in the hospitality sector

  • April 12, 2021

The 22nd of March 2021 the whole JANBY team visited the HIP-Horeca Professional expo, a professional trade show focused on innovation at the hospitality sector.

Our CEO, Jon Markina, presented the JANBY Track through an elevator pitch at the ¨III Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum¨, promoted by the Basque Culinary Center. At this forum, Janby was awarded as the most innovative startup in the hospitality sector.

It has been an experience that consolidates the result of all the work the team has put into the project and motivates us to continue working and to keep pushing for the digitalization in the kitchen processes.

We also want to refer to the rest of participants, who presented such innovative and interesting projects.

ALACARTE – Alacarte has developed a machine that automatically reduces the alcoholic content, and consecuently the calories, of any wine bottle or spirituous liquor, by preserving the original essence.  https://www.alcoholalacarte.com/

SWEARIT – Is a transparency management platform for any organization through the exposure of the life cycle of a product or service via the contribution and registration of Blockchain evidence that consumers can easily understand.  https://www.swearit.io/

REIMAGINE KITCHEN – They develop tools that foster productivity and automation in the professional kitchens. https://www.reimaginekitchen.com

RECYCAP – The first eco-friendly coffe machine that enables tp recycle the coffe capsules.  https://www.recycap.com/



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