Busness case: Maruka gastro

  • February 5, 2021


Maruka gastro is the latest proyect of Chef Enrique Fleischmann, located at the heart of Getaria, is a Gastrobar aimed to provide a simple, fun and tasty menu. The offer is based in the Sous-Vide cooking technique and food regeneration enabled by the latest 4.0 kitchen solution.

The vacuum and low temperatures are the foundations of every food preparation that takes place at Maruka. The working system is based on the standardization of the gastronomic offer through two main regeneration parameters: time and temperature, which guarantee the highest quality of the product.

¨In Maruka we are in constant innovation and evolution as a gastronomic group to offer a high quality, safe and different experience¨

One of the key success factors of this culinary proposition comes from the activity of separating the food preparation moment form the regeneration and service. The production phase is carried out in the same kitchen in big quantities but at different times from the service moment, this production is later vacuum sealed in individual portions. On the other hand, the regeneration and service happen on demand, which reduces food waste at 100%. Moreover, the elaborations are prepared in an open to the public kitchen enhancing their experience.

Maruka Wall

Key improvements

  • Reduction of cleaning times
  • Reduction in service times
  • Reduction of food waste

The kitchen is equipped with a SmartVide station composed of 2 Smartvides and 2 water tanks to function with 2 different temperatures at a time.

The whole process is assisted and controlled through the JANBY Track, the complete solution for the control of the Sous-Vide process. It is composed of a software license with different functionalities and a dedicated tablet that records recipes and identifies each bag and their elaboration process. It enables to work with many bags at the same time with an efficiency and accuracy never experienced in the kitchen. JANBY Track has also a Cloud system that records every move, records the historic of each elaboration, analyses trends and ensured food safety.

This is undeniably an innovative proposition that entails all the necessary elements for success.

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