JANBY Track embeded within SAMMIC SmartVide X

Expand the capabilities of your SAMMIC SmartVide X by activating the JANBY Track MINI. Our MINI license activates the use of JANBY Tags directly on the SmartVide X cooker for controlled retherming. You can have your own JANBY Track MINI software within the SmartVide X withouth the need of the additional tablet.

How does it work?

JANBY Track Mini is an exclusive JANBY license for the SAMMIC SmartVide X.

Save up to 8 different recipes or retherming programs.

Identify and Track the different bags that share the water tank.

Just scan the Tag colour of your recipe in the Tag reader and start cooking!

Adapted to every kitchen needs

The new Sammic SmartVide X has the JANBY software embeded and doesnt require any additional tablet to activate the JANBY Track MINI license.

With the JANBY Track MINI you will be able to individually control each of the elaborations that go into the water tank as well as their pasteurization process. You will also have access to the JANBY Cloud, where all data regarding your organization and recipes can be transfered to other devices.

Sammic SmartVide X

Janby Track MINI

Activate the controlled regeneration feature for 25$ a month

Embeded JANBY Track MINI software
Individualised control of bags through the JANBY TAGS

How to subscribe?

Subtitles available in english

1. Subscribe to the JANBY Track MINI license.

2. You will need to enter your billing and user information. These data will be used to create your JANBY account, necessary to activate the license in the SmartVide X.

3. Finish the subscription checkout and together with your JANBY account details, you will receive the Organization connection ID.

4. In order to activate JANBY Cloud in the SmartVide X, insert the Organization connector ID and the SmartVide X activation code in the SmartVide X´s Settings > JANBY Cloud. The activation code for the SmartVide X can be found on the label that is in the back of the SmartVide X below the QR code. The activation code is composed of 10 characters divided in half by a hyphen XXXXX-XXXXX.

5. You will be able to access all your data at https://my.janby.kitchen introducing the email you used to create your JANBY account in Step 2.

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