Control all cooking and retherming times of each product independently

Thanks to JANBY Track is now possible to control the different cooking and retherming times of every bag that is inside the water tank. The system consists on a dedicated tablet with the cooking management software and the ability to communicate with other kitchen equipment.

«JANBY Track is a revolutionary technology that means a big step in the restaurant industry. This simple product can improve the management of time and resources in the kitchen.»

Adapted to every kitchen needs

JANBY Track comes in three incremental licences that can be extended with extra modules. We also offer the possibility to rent the SAMMIC Sous-Vide equipment, designed to communicate with the JANBY software.


Janby Track CORE

The CORE license includes the JANBY BOX tablet and 8 JANBY Tags to track and identify each elaboration that goes into the water.

With just one tablet you will be able to connect to up to 3 SmartVides for an automated Sous-vide cooking. Be in control of every single bag that is in the water and their different retherming and cooking times with just one look. Finally, keep the log of each of the elaborations.


Janby Track PRO

With the PRO license not only you will be able to track each elaboration with the JANBY Tags, but also you will be able to scan the intelligent QR labels.

The intelligent QR labels embed information about the products origin, ingredients, expiration date, batch and their recipe or elaboration program. These labels communicate their recipe to the Track and this auto configures the Sous-vide equipment. Also, you can access the JANBY Cloud and see by date and hour when each label was scanned and the process they carried out



With the UNLIMITED license you can do all of the above and much more. In addition to scanning the labels you will be able to print them by using the JANBY Cloud with unlimited access.

This license is perfect if you are working with a central kitchen and supply individually vacuum sealed and labeled products that foster the automatization of the restaurant.

Compare the different licenses




Tablet JANBY Box + stand  
Includes 8 JANBY Tags with the number 10  
Individualized control of the bags with the JANBY Tags
Connect up to 3 SmartVides  
Control time and temperatures to achieve pasteurization
Daily fixed Hot Hold value  
Variable Hot Hold value per days and per hours    
Automatic Hot Hold based on the previous trends      
Log of 3 months stored in the Tablet
Log of 6 months stored in the Cloud    
Unlimited Log      
Intelligent label reader    
Centralised devices and configurations in the JANBY Cloud    
Intelligent label printer      
Personalised process alert emission      
Unlimited JANBY Cloud      
Monthly license 100$/MONTH 126$/MONTH 164$/MONTH  
Yearly license 1100$/YEAR 1386$/YEAR 1804$/YEAR Learn More

Complete your system with the SAMMIC SmartVide

In order to take full advantage of the JANBY Track license is important to connect it to the right Sous-Vide equipment that is able to communicate with the system. Our devices are equiped to be able to communicate with other professional Sous-vide equiment. Connect the JANBY TRACK to the SAMMIC SmartVide, and embrace the future of the Sous-Vide cooking.

Discover what JANBY Track offers to your business

Now that you are familiar with the device, we tell you the specific solutions that we offer to each sector. Our system is highly adaptable, so it can provide answer to the needs of your kitchen.

Discover the JANBY TRACK working system that improves the processes and productivity of any commercial kitchen.

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