Discover the JANBY Track RTE license

The subscription can be monthly or yearly, and the yearly offers a free month.

Elements that come at the subscription moment

The subscription includes the following elements:

✅ Tablet

✅ 8 JANBY Tags

✅ Table or wall mount

Elementos licencia

💠RTE license, for RTE food producers

 It includes the same as the UNLIMITED license, but it is designed so that the QR labels that are generated can be scanned in restaurants from different organizations.

Unlimited log.

✅Program activation with the JANBY Tags.

✅Activación de programas con etiquetas QR.

Smart QR label generation in the JANBY Cloud.

Genera etiquetas (2)

Generate smart QR labels in the JANBY Cloud

Create products and their elaboration programs. It includes information regarding:

  • Ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Expiry date
  • Batch
  • Cooking time and temperature
Centraliza las elaboraciones

Centralize recipes and equipment

Visualize WHAT and HOW is being cooked at the different places.

Centraliza los productos y dispositivos (2)

Analyze consumption by location

Have a complete visivility of the consumption by location and carry out the production based on real data.

Controla la producción y consumos

Public information for inspectors

Enable the sanitary information of your products to be public and expedite the health inspections.

Haz pública la información de tus productos (2)

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Take your SmartVide to the next level

Create SmartVide programs and add additional controls such as pasteurization.

Print smart QR labels

Organize your food production and maintain traceability by product.

Ensure pasteurization

Ensure the pasteurization of your preparations with the control based on the FSIS tables.

Learn more about the Sous Vide equipment

Connect the JANBY TRACK with SAMMIC SmartVide cookers and form the perfect tandem for Sous Vide cooking.

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