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A product that includes all in one

JANBY Track is a monthly suscription that provides you with the necessary equipment to take your Sous-Vide cooking to another level.

With your suscription you will get the JANBY Box tablet and a JANBY Track licence that enables the communication with your Sous-Vide machines in order to control all elaborations happening in the water tank.

Start using JANBY Track in your kitchen and welcome the digital era through a more accurate management and control of your recipes.

How does JANBY Track work?

Designed to replicate and control all products cooked under the Sous-Vide technique for commercial kitchens.

The software favours time savings through a TAG system that identifies the exact cooking and retherming point of each recipe. This standardized recipes can include food safety (HACCP) and process controls for an easier and safer process.

Setting up this simple working system helps improve resources management and times in the kitchen as JANBY Track takes full control of the process.

Also, thanks to the Janby Cloud connectivity you will be able to analyse and manage kitchens like never before.

The Sous-Vide process

Sous-Vide is a culinary technique that consist on cooking vacuum sealed products at low water temperatures for long periods of time. This technique maximizes the tastiness of the products as the cooking is done with hermetically sealed bags, that preserve all flavour, texture, colour and aromas.

One of the biggest advantages that this technique offers is that is allows separating a traditionally linear process, food preparation and preservation on the one hand and retherming and service on the other hand. The system of retherming previously cooked and vacuum sealed products benefits the organization of the production and it significantly reduces food waste.

The future of the kitchen needed a digital solution

Thanks to JANBY Track is now possible to replicate both product and process for a bigger control and optimization of your business.

Track + SmartVide


Food safety and traceability

Increasing tastiness and product quality

Cost reduction

Ensures and replicates results

Culinary innovation

Better client service

Food waste and Food loss reduction

Better decision making



Want to know more about what JANBY can offer to your business?

We provide solutions both for independent restaurants and franchises with more than one location. Choose the one that best suits your kitchen

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