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How Sous Vide Automation Benefits Restaurants Without Smoke Vents

Some kitchens may not be able to include smoke vents to ensure proper ventilation.

Sous Vide cooking setups offer many benefits for restaurants. However, few people realize the value that Sous Vide automation offers for restaurants without smoke vents. Let’s examine some of the key ways this technology is useful for such restaurants.

1. Maintaining a Smoke-Free Cooking Environment

Smoke vents are part of the effective ventilation systems used in restaurants across the world. These vents help remove smoke, airborne grease, and fumes that arise during the cooking process. Such emissions can be harmful to both kitchen staff and the premises itself if a proper ventilation system isn’t in place.

Certain kinds of restaurant kitchens and food preparation environments may not be able to install smoke vents due to kitchen location or cost constraints. Such restaurants can utilize Sous Vide cooking methods because they do not produce smoke, airborne grease, or the fumes associated with traditional stovetop and oven cooking methods.

2. Added Portability

Sous Vide setups can also be moved around a commercial kitchen relatively easily. This is because you simply need to find a stable surface to rest your water pot or tub in before installing the Sous Vide circulator.

By contrast, stoves and ovens are in fixed locations. These cooking setups can’t be moved around as easily because they are connected to fixed gas lines and must be under a smoke vent at all times.

3. Using Multiple Cooking Set Ups At Once Safely

Restaurants without smoke vents may be hesitant to prepare multiple food items at once due to the increased risk of fires breaking out if restaurant staff aren’t there to continually supervise the cooking process. Such problems can be even more dangerous for restaurants without smoke vents.

Sous Vide automation prevents such issues from occurring. For example, Janby Track allows staff to remotely monitor multiple Sous Vide setups at once and become informed if any issues arise. Please contact us to learn more about Janby Track and how it can help restaurant kitchens without smoke vents.